Our Commitment

Emirates Shipping LLC is committed to Fast, Quality, Economical, and safest shipping across the globe. Safety is our first priority when it comes to our shipments, our employees or the environment.

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Safety First

The Best Pricing

We offer the best price in the region!

Our experience has taught us the core value of giving maximum value to the customer without compromising on quality issues. We as a company have clearly laid out our quality requirements and the prices

Quality policy

Our dedicated professional personnel use innovative methods modern and efficient equipment to ensure long-term reliability, environmental responsibility and value to our customers

The management at Emirates Shipping llc is committed to the quality system set forth in the safety management system. The system is designed to meet the requirements of the international safety Management Code (ISM).

Environmental Protection Policy

Emirates Shipping llc is dedicated to continuous efforts to improve the compatibility of our operations with the environment while economically developing a high quality marine trading service.

We recognize the importance of efficiently meeting society’s needs and our responsibility as a marine service Oil Tanker company. To operate in an environmentally sound manner while protecting the health and safety of our associates and the public.

Safety policy

Emirates Shipping llc places the personal safety and health of its employees both ashore and on board ship as its highest priority. It is the management’s responsibility to provide a safe work place for the associates of Emirates Shipping realizing that each of us is responsible for his/her personal safety, both on and off the job

Safety does not automatically happen. It must be implemented by vigilant attention of ALL HANDS to safety precautions development over years of maritime experience and passed on through programs of training, rules and regulations, common sense and the policies and procedures developed by the company. Emirates Shipping Policy and related procedures are designed to prevent injury and loss of life to personnel and protect the physical assets of the company, those of our clients, and shore side facilities.

Activities on board our offerings

We are engaged in a plethora of shipping activities, from ship ownership to its operation and management; tanker chartering; safety management amongst others.

We aspire to offer world class and cost effective solutions to our customers with emphasis on health, safety, security and environment protection.

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Setting up of clear quality objectives at various levels and functions and monitor, review and analyze them at planned intervals.

Comply with all customer and statutory requirements. Continually strive to improve our Quality Management System (QMSS) to ensure effectiveness. Take appropriate action based on constructive internal and external feedback.

Ship list

We operate under a structured quality management system and have been certified by Paris-based Bureau Veritas and are an IACS member.

The safety management system of the company has been assessed and has been recognized to company with the requirements if the ISM code and relevant provisions

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